WoNeF documentation


Quentin Pradet, Gaël de Chalendar and Jeanne Baguenier Desormeaux. January 2014. WoNeF, an improved, expanded and evaluated automatic French translation of WordNet. GWC 2014, Tartu, Estonia. [bib] [pdf] [html]

Quentin Pradet, Jeanne Baguenier-Desormeaux, Gaël de Chalendar et Laurence Danlos. Juin 2013. WoNeF : amélioration, extension et évaluation d’une traduction française automatique de WordNet. TALN 2013, Les Sables d'Olonne, France. [bib] [pdf]



Our gold standard contains 300 synsets for each evaluated part-of-speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives). Two annotators produced a gold standard and agreed on the differences to produce the final gold standard.

Our gold standard is included in WoNeF: all literals obtained with "wonef-gold" (in the "lnote" XML field).


The improved edit distance used a few rules to shorten the distance between words that share the same origin in French and English:


A synset is a sense defined with a definition all literals possibly caring this sense (synonym set). Polysemous words are represented in multiple synsets. All synsets are linked together with various relations such as hyponymy (parrot vs. bird).
The lemma of a noun, verb, adjective or adverb in WoNeF.
Part meronymy
A relation between two synsets where one is part of the whole : a porcupine's quill, a bike's pedal.
A « wordnet » is a lexical database following Princeton WordNet's principes: synsets linked together.